Post During Popular Times of the Day/Week

Ideal times to post content on social media—

  • Facebook – Most popular times to post are on weekdays from 10am-3pm. Saturday is the day with the least amount of engagement and evenings and early mornings are the time of day with the least amount of interaction and post reach.  
  • Instagram – The best times to post are Tuesday through Friday from 9am to 6pm. Sunday is the least engaging day for Instagram.
  • Twitter – The safest time to tweet are every day from 10am to noon. Sunday mornings receive the least amount of social engagement.
  • LinkedIn – Posts on Tuesday through Thursday rank the best and Friday through Monday receive the least amount of engagement. 

URL and Caption Tips

Include short URLs when posting links
Shorter URLs run better on social media platforms – They are more attractive in posts, they have higher click-through rates and more shares on average
To shorten URLS: Utilize

If possible, use shorter captions

  • Facebook: 20-80 characters
  • Instagram: 125 Characters
  • Twitter: 71-100 Characters
  • LinkedIn: 50-100 Characters

Include the URL early in the caption
Make it easy for your followers by pasting the shortened URL higher up in longer captions.